My Path

My name is Hesed


It means loving kindness, or as Umberto Eco puts it on Foucault’s Pendulum: ..."the divine substance expanding towards its infinite periphery"... 

I was raised up by a yoga and meditation oriented family. However, before my 30’s I pursued an academic life where I studied Marine Biology and got a M. Sci. on Sustainable Development using GIS to model scenarios and do proposals on this matter.  I organized conferences on "Gaia (Lovelock)" and "What is Life? (Schrödinger)". My thesis was published as an academic book by an european editorial which made me feel proud and content with this phase. 

As this was happening, I also took courses on Massage and attended classes of Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.  One day I moved to Pescadero to start a new phase, met amazing people and learned new professions on the tourism and hospitality industry. Became a coffee aficionado and surfer wanna be.

I started massage and as i became more curious, I took more courses (shiatsu, ayurvedic, reiki, etc), and with time started to develop my own technique. 

I use massage, healing and wellness as my spiritual practice. It is a life lasting experience throughout different paths and methods.

Sometimes through books from different authors like Sri Aurobindo, Carlos Castañeda, Aldous Huxley, Humberto Eco, Caroline Myss, etc., and other times through journeys across countries and cultures. 

Auroville, India will always hold a special place for me, because there is a spiritual revolution taking place, and here is where i got my first call into my actual life.

To practice my self-transformation, I like to attend temazcales and silent meditation retreats such as Vipassana (Goenka), where I focused on conductive forms to the so called “awareness”.

I have been learning breathing techniques like Pranayama and I have been also developing my massage skills as a way to conduct energy and to open the body consciousness to its healing power. 

I have used master plants in south and central mexico to connect with the wisdom of their spirits. in 2017 I went to peru to a Vipassana retreat followed by  a series of ayahuasca ceremonies in "The Garden of Peace" in the Amazonas. A lot was purged and new information was downloaded.

I believe in Love, Sincerity, Respect and Transformation.

I have learned things about myself, about this world and about the connection of myself to this world. None of these experiences I can resume in here, and I am still looking for my “nahual” whether inside or outside.