Specialized Therapies

Specialized Therapies


 Ayurvedic Massage

60” $85 USD  90” $110 USD


A combination of Marma and Abhyanga Massage. Deep physical and therapeutical work throughout the body to help you release undesired stored emotions facilitating a better blood flow, relaxing muscles, releasing contractures and creating a general sensation of wellness and contentment.

 Deep Energy with Reiki

75” $110 USD


Deconstruction of the patient body with a deep physical massage and finalizing with chakra alignment and stimulation of energy points. The practitioner follows visualization and breathing techniques to amplify the therapeutical energy work at different levels.

 Theragun Bodywork

60” $80 USD  90” $110 USD


This percussive therapy along with a deep massage stimulation is designed to:

· Increase blood and lymphatic flow.

· Relieve muscle spasms and stiffness (sciatic nerve and posture problems).

· Break up scar tissue

· Improve lactic acid clearance.

· Activate the nervous system and muscles

So you can perform  better, recover faster, and relieve pain for whole-body wellness.


60"  $75 USD


We use this Chinese technique as a way to release stagnation from the body, thus promoting a correct flow of blood, lymph and energy (qi). We recommend it for deep and chronic pain in muscles, respiratory diseases and to treat and prevent cellulite. It is combined with a Deep massage. Not recommended for persons with specific conditions, please ask in advance*


50"  $50 USD


We use this technique to re-connect with our higher power

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